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Alameda County, CA, 2018-2020

I was commissioned to create an outdoor artwork to be incorporated into the architectural design of the Cherryland community center. Working with the architects, the Alameda County Arts Commission and a design team, imagery of local flora was selected to emphasize the agricultural history of the area. I spent a significant amount of time getting to know the community and striving to create an artwork that would make the new center a cherished and thriving addition to the region.

Forming a canopy around a large section of the building, I aimed for the panels to present an aesthetic and welcoming contribution, while providing shade and protection from the elements. Several themes were developed, taking into account structural, budgetary and climate considerations. Many months were spent generating designs of various types of regional flora. In the end, the cherry blossom was selected as the signature motif to be carried throughout all the panels. The branches are seen at different vantage points in order to create a sense of rhythm. Approximately 80 distinct blossoms were drawn from various angles and repeated throughout the panels to bring depth and an organic quality to the flat surface.

A total of 21 unique panels were designed and installed in 3 locations around the building. Each section is repeated multiple times, covering a space of approximately 900 square feet. This is the first time that my work has been translated into metal. Images trace the process from design concept through installation.

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